Monday, November 20, 2006

A quick blog before I'm off the computer I fixed the Palm. Life is good. No thanks to Steve Jobs.
I didn't post about the Priscilla Becker workshop I'm taking. It was a pleasant night. Strange to feel like I'm submitting poems, but it's exactly the feeling I want: to see what 12 not alike-minded people think of my work. There's some pretty strong work there, and it's good to flex those muscles, helping people with their drafts.
We hung out afterwards, a couple of us, and Priscilla is completely charming and intelligent, a great teacher. I'll post some scans of my notes. And the students are eager and judging by the first day, good to great writers, and there's some MFA Columbia people, a couple much too smart 18-year-olds. I said I didn't want to be the "old grumpy guy," the people you see at one-day workshops who write in rhyming 4-line stanzas. I'm not. Thank god. Strange thought: not being the star student, that eagerness. Gotta let go of that.
Here's the poem I'm workshopping. As always, I like to bring a poem I know has something, but isn't quite there yet. Please send along comments if you want.


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